Sunday, March 21, 2010

G'day Capsun from Flickr

This morning, when I logged into my Flickr account, I got the above message. Here it is in text form:

You have 185 photos stored on Flickr. Once you hit 200, you'll need to upgrade to a Flickr Pro account or you'll only be able to see your most recent 200 photos.

Nothing will be deleted, and if you upgrade, you'll have unlimited space for all your things. Perhaps you'd like to upgrade to Pro now?

Out of curiosity, I checked on how much a Pro account costs - $24.95 a year. Well, that doesn't sound too bad. Except...I don't actually use Flickr that much. When I share photos, I like people to see them on my photo blog (, and only share those same photos on Flickr to make use of the account. In fact, I include this line under every single one of my Flickr photos:

For photo details, visit And don't forget to visit for my take on things

So, sorry Flickr, I don't plan on upgrading. At least not until I make hundred of dollars a year on my photo blog and can justify the expense!
Don't forget to visit for a regular dose of my take on things

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